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Spanish Law advice

  • Many lawyers state they cover the whole of Spain – this is extremely difficult. Most have satellite offices (serviced offices) where they can work or subcontract the work to an associated network/office/company. Many lawyers work on an hourly rate and if you chose to use a lawyer not based within the area of your purchase, you may be required to pay travel (flights if needed), hotel for the lawyer to attend the local notary for completion.

  • Each area is governed by a local townhall and each have differing rules and regulations; therefore, it is so important to choose a local lawyer who personally knows all the townhalls and regulations within your chosen area.

  • Many lawyers specialice in “urban law” which covers towns and villages, however if you are purchasing in the countryside you must find a local lawyer who specialices in “rustic law”. There are so many areas to investigate when purchasing in the countryside i.e. is the property built on protected land? Are there ancient goat tracks passing through the garden? Is it set within a flood risk area, built on land prone to subsidence therefore difficult to insure? Local lawyers will personally visit the townhall to thoroughly check all these points and many more.

  • A professional estate agent will have a list of good local English-speaking lawyers who they have personally worked with and received a high level of service for their clients. A professional local agent will only recommend excellent lawyers as their own reputation is at risk if clients receive a poor or inadequate service.

  • A lawyer is governed by a professional body called the Colegio de Abogados (similar to the Law Society in the UK). Ask your chosen lawyer for his/her registration number. If the lawyer is registered and you subsequently are not happy with his/her services, you can then contact the Colegio de Abogados and submit a complaint. If your lawyer is registered before the Colegio de Abogados, he/she will have professional indemnity insurance.

We can certainly recommend a lawyer to use.

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